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dreamy * sophie durand




Hey everyone.


I present here my personal and professional works : illustrations, charadesign, environments, storyboard, 2D animations and comic strips...

My favorite fields are cartoons, video games, cinema, music and Japanese pop culture.


Please CONTACT ME if you want to use a picture or a video, or for any suggestion, question, collaboration, professional request...


Feel free to download my resume and watch my demoreel.





Nathalie Cookbook



Authors : Dreamy, Nathalie Nguyen


Publisher : Ankama Editions


About : 20 stories and recipes by Nathalie Nguyen and illustrated by Dreamy.


(French only)



Kokekokko !



Authors : Dreamy, Rémi Maynègre, Yllya, Cyrielle, Florent Chavouet, Remka, Yatuu, Jibé, Alexandre Bonnefoy, Delphine Vaufrey, Priscilla Moore, Julie Blanchin, Sylvie Bessard, Martin Faynot, Nini Wanted, Ulysse Malassagne


Publisher : Issekinicho


About : 16 artists, 16 stories, 16 different experiences of Japan


(French only)






Nani Nani


My personal blog (French only) with strips about my life in Japan.

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* Sophie Durand * concept artist, illustrator, motion designer
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