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dreamy * sophie durand




Hope you will like my world full of colours and dreams.

I present here my personnal and professional works: illustrations, charadesign, environments, storyboard, 2D animations, specially my animated movie Ying Hua.

My favorite fields are cartoons, video games, cinema, music and fashion.


Please contact me if you want to use a picture or a video, or for any suggestion, question, collaboration...

Feel free to download my resume and watch my demoreel.

Nani Nani - Dreamy's blog in Japan


20011/02/07: I got my WORKING HOLIDAY VISA to Japan !! I'm planning on leaving the 21st of March and I hope it will be a interesting and exciting experience ! By the way, I will NEED A JOB ! Also, please visit my blog about it ! It is currently in French but has a translation device.


2011/01/04: happy new year to everyone ! I added two videos (animations), TV opening titles for a TMC show.

2010/11/01: new version of my website, more simple and visual. Hope you will like it !



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* Sophie Durand * concept artist, illustrator, motion designer
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